QA and Testing Services

Our software QA and testing services enable you to deliver fast with confidence that your systems and products perform flawlessly

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End-to-end Testing Services

We help you define standards and processes for creating a robust culture of software quality in which striving for perfection is built by design into your development process. Take your mind off expensive mistakes - we will take care of them, saving your team’s time and cutting project bills.

All types of software testing services at any development phase

Let's face it, even the best products sometimes have glitches. That's why you need quality assurance services from the experts. We will test every functional aspect of your product to ensure it performs as intended. Also, we will help you polish your software by checking its non-functional parameters, from reliability to usability and so on. In short, we will make sure your product is perfect before it goes to market.

  • Functional Testing

    • We will test the entire functional scope of your software against the requirements and estimated performance metrics. Functional tests will verify how well the entire system operates, what results in its yields, and which aspects need to be improved.
  • Performance Testing

    • Our team will evaluate how stable and responsive the software is under normal and extreme workloads. Subjecting your system to an individual set of tests on stress resilience and load endurance, we will assess its compliance with performance criteria and detect scalability limits.
  • Usability Testing

    • VenturiX will inspect your software from the target audience’s perspective and determine how intuitive and user-friendly it is. Our team will develop a variety of real-life interaction scenarios and thoroughly reenact them all to uncover UX/UI faults and bugs and measure the solution’s fitness for use.
  • Compatibility testing

    • We will overview how well your product fits in with its target environment and whether it is capable of full platform-agnostic operation under varied circumstances. VenturiX specialists will examine how the software interacts with different types of hardware and software, operating systems and networks, devices and browsers, and will report occurring compatibility glitches.

Software QA Services for any system and platform

Our QA engineers will ensure your tech solution works in all environments without any surprises, providing a seamless and delightful user experience.

  • Web
  • Mobile (iOS, Android, cross-platform)
  • Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Cloud
  • IoT
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Data Warehouses, BI, Big Data
  • APIs and Microservices
  • And more

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